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Loners on Wheels is a singles RV club. We are an RV Club of legally single men and women who enjoy traveling, camping, RV caravaning and the lifestyle of singles; we are not a matchmaking or dating service, companionship and support is what we're about.

Karis Gaydos, PresidentEvents for the Loners on wheels (LoWs) singles club are scheduled throughout the country in every season. These events are hosted by our local chapters. You'll find one or more LoWs chapters in most all of our states.

Some members remain "at large" attending events throughout North America. These are our "full-timers". Others remain closer to home, enjoying their local chapter. LoW "snowbirds" gather in the southern California desert, Arizona, south Texas, Florida, New Mexico and Mexico.

If you are a single full-time or part-time RVer, come join us. Our club owns a rural RV park in Deming, New Mexico. This is the place where single people gather to meet one another in their travels. Special rates are available for LOW club members, and long-term rates are especially popular with full-timers. The LoW-HI RV Ranch is also open to the public.

Plan to stay a while at the LoW-HI RV Ranch on your next cross-country trek or, better yet, make it a destination. You'll be glad you did!
With LoW LuV,
Yvonne Harvey,
President, Loners on Wheels